Our guarantee to you!

Upon contacting Seductive Sessions, you will be given a selection of the finest men and or women to choose from to host or entertain your guests.
Once you have made your decision and chosen the perfect entertainer or host, you will be required to pay a 10% deposit to Seductive Sessions. Your entertainer or host will then contact you to confirm the details.

At Seductive Sessions, we guarantee to supply only the finest entertainers and hosts. If the person you have chosen turns up to the event and you are not happy that they appear to be what their photos show, then you reserve the right to turn the person away and a your FULL deposit will be refunded.

If for any reason due to unforseen circumstances the person that you have chosen does not show up to your event, then all efforts will be made by Seductive Sessions to resolve the problem and or find a suitable and agreed upon replacement. If we cannot meet these obligations, your deposit will be refunded in FULL.

At Seductive Sessions we are about making your event a truly positive and memorable experience. We value your custom and wish to have you come back to Seductive Sessions time and time again.

Our business is about you the client and we will always do our best to give you the utmost in customer service and therfore an extremely positive experience.


Your Obligations

The performer or host must have a suitable, clean and safe place to work in at all times.

Photo's and video's are at the performers discretion. Permission must be obtained from the performer or wait person prior to the time if you wish to have and photo's or video's with them included.

Every person at the event or party must behave in a respectful manner toward the performer of host at all times.

Please make sure that your mobile phone is on and you are contactable at the time of the event.  If for some reason your entertainer or host needs to contact you, it is up to you to make sure they can do so.

You are not to supply any misleasing information to Seductive Sessions or the performer or host regarding the situation they will be working in.

If the performer or host feels that these obligations are not met, they reserve the right to leave the event at any time. No money will be refunded. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone involved has a safe enjoyable experience.

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Thank you for choosing Seductive Sessions.