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Monday, 22 February 2016 13:58

A night in the life of a male stripper...

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Saturday has finally rolled around and I have 2 hens parties tonight – and I’ve been looking forward to them all week!

I roll out of bed at 8 after a good sleep in. It's been a huge week of work and socialising.

First up I crank out a good breakfast; poached eggs, tomato, avocado and rye. I’d usually hit the beach for a jog and a swim with my labrador Rosie but it’s raining so time to work on my Jeep instead.

Last weekend, I went 4 wheel driving out in the bush around Bunbury with some friends and accidentally tore off the exhaust and snapped the rear drive shaft clean in half. It was fun at the time but – oops – I shouldn’t have gone over that huge rock! Nevermind, I love tinkering with engines and cars and in a few hours I’ve fitted a refurbished second hand drive shaft and reattached the exhaust. Ready for more adventures.

I like to eat well all week but particularly on days I’m stripping. Lunch is steamed chicken, brown rice and broccoli. Dinner will be something light because I want to feel good and not bloated or heavy.

Before I know it 3pm rolls around and it's time to get ready for a hen's party in Margaret River at 5pm. I am all showered, smelling like Gucci, looking 100% and feeling great as I head off.

I arrive and send the host a text letting them know that I am there and ready. Janine comes out the front to greet me: "We‘re going to pretend to play a game with the bride-to-be, Mandy" she giggles. "I'm going to blindfold her, and then you can sneak in and surprise her!" "Sounds great to me"
With the blindfold in place I sneak in, setup my Boom Box stereo and check my police uniform is looking slick.
The music starts, I whip off the bride-to-be’s blindford and the cheers begin! She is a fan of the Police uniform, and the dancing begins!

Mandy is seated and a dozen of her friends surround her in a semi-circle. I start the striptease slowly with some dancing, teasing and playing, then the handcuffs come out and the cheers get even louder. Then some oil and some other tricks that have to remain secret.

Thirty minutes later the Full Monty show is wrapped up, and a complete success. Mandy and her friends had plenty of laughs, got to feel some hard abs and saw the best bits of a naked man! Mandy has had the send off she deserved. Her last night before marriage was one she will remember fondly for years to come.

After staying for a chat and plenty of photos it's time for me to hit the road. This time I’m heading to Mandurah to host another hen's party at 9pm. They have hired me to do the Ultimate Party Package where I strip, dance, pour drinks and generally entertain and make all guests feel welcome. I love these packages as it gives me a chance to put on a few good hours of fun for the girls.

On arrival I double check my bag of tricks; I’ve brought toys and props so that I can host some games, one less thing for the party organiser to think about. I have my fireman uniform on, complete with fire hat and hose. Time to heat up this party!
I send a text to Kate to see how they are going and if they are ready for me. She welcomes me and yay – they’re ready – it’s time to rock and roll! As I follow Kate down the hall, the cheers begin. Stacey is already sitting in the middle of the lounge with a big smile on her face. She lets out a yell of excitement as I enter and give her a big hug.

"Someone get this girl a drink" I say as I turn on the Boom Box and get ready to turn it up.
After downing a quick glass of wine I take Stacey’s glass out of her hand and give it to a friend.
The show is on! The girls are excited and I'm pulling out all my best moves. I'm grinding on her, slowly stripping off the uniform, she's rubbing her hands up and down me and all the girls are having a ball!

You'll have to see it yourself to get all the secrets, but definitely another success. Even Stacey’s mum loved the attention!

After the strip show I make sure Stacey has a full glass then disappear for a minute to get my things ready. I return and pour drinks for everyone then it's time to put on some more fun. I won't spoil the surprise by giving away too much but the next 2 hours was a ball. We had body chocolate, whipped cream, naughty games and mountains of laughs. Each and every person had an awesome night and it was a real pleasure to hear how much fun they’d had when we said goodbye.

When I get back to my car after saying goodbye and good luck I have a missed call on my phone. I give the number a ring and it is a couple of people at a birthday party that have decided they want to shout their friend some extra birthday fun! No worries, all in a nights work!

*Names changed for privacy!

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