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Saturday, 02 April 2016 12:43

7 things your girl friends will love!

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A stress-free guide to organising a bridal shower in Bunbury & beyond

1. Imagine you're the maid of honour. One of your tasks is to make sure your best friends Hen's party is a night she will remember for years to come. Perhaps you live in Bunbury and you start to think “where to begin with the party?” You decide wisely that a home party is the way to go. It is private, fun and you can have a lot of laughs without spending as much money as at the nightclubs. Now your attention turns to one of the most important details, the entertainment! So you go to google and search 'Male Stripper Bunbury' You are surprised to find a local entertainer John at 'Seductive Sessions' and you realise very quickly that there is plenty to choose from. One thing we need for sure is a Full Monty strip show! What a way to start the party with a bang! Your eyes turn to the details and you read...

"The Full Monty Strip Show - That's right, no holding back! This energetic and explicit show will rock the party and leave everyone in awe! “The best male stripper in the South West!” they say! I arrive in the costume of your choice with my Boom Box ready to rock the party! Plenty of attention for the birthday girl or bride-to-be but definitely a crowd pleaser as well! With a choreographed dance, this is a funny, naughty and truly entertaining show, and you’ll be glad you called John! $280"

"Wow!" you think. That sounds perfect and so affordable, there's not even any travel charge to Bunbury! **actually, there's no travel charge for any country towns between Mandurah and Augusta and inland - Donnybrook, Boyup Brook etc.

2. The Full Monty sounds fantastic but it would be awesome if John could hang around afterwards and party with us as well, you ponder. He can make sure we are all looked after! Especially Rachael. I want her to be pampered and have plenty of attention from a friendly and attractive man. So you check out the options and cost for John to stick around and do some toppless or maybe even nude waitering. She'd love a bit of cheekiness! Yes, you think, a show and then a couple of hours partying with us, that sounds even better...

3.Then you flick back to the Services page just to make sure you have seen most of the options. Strawberries and Cream Strip Show catches your attention. You read on...

“If the crowd is not shy, this is the show for you! Consists of The Full Monty then at the end, out comes the dessert... on me! Literally! Male Striptease at its finest, this is a raunchy show with all the sexy rock hard ab trimmings! There’s no holding back; it’s messy, sexy, funny and memorable. The girls will love every energetic moment! Guaranteed to be an absolute blast! $300”

That's the one! You decide, What a way to start!

4.The planning so far has you excited but you start to think what about Rachael's mother in law and other friends that don't live here, how will they take a naked man entertaining? Maybe I should have a look at any other options as well. Then your thoughts turn to a life drawing session, that would be different and might be more acceptable to Rachael's future mother in law and friends that are coming from over east that I haven’t met. So the research begins.

"If your friends want a “classy hen’s party” You still want a fun night with plenty of laughs? Life drawing classes are a real hoot and a great option for a day time event. I pose while the ladies get artistic – either wearing shorts, draped material or nothing at all – it’s up to you."

This can be a great activity if you have a wide range of ladies to consider. You need to organise drawing materials and paper but it’s a fairly economical option too.

5. Just as you are pondering which options you should go with, Rachael's sister Denica rings so you ask her opinion. Don't worry, she assures you, her other friends will love a good party! Don't make it tame on their behalf! Ok then, back to plan A. So a show and some time is definitely the plan, What sort of costume would she like? A man in uniform? Maybe a police man, I think the handcuffs would add a nice twist! A Fireman, that is always a good way to heat up the crowd. Then you remember that she is a farm girl at heart. A sexy cowboy! That's it!

6. What about games? Can we organise some things to fit in with John's input? We could definitely play some games after the show while he's serving our drinks etc. Maybe I'll go visit the adult shop and see what they have to offer. Anyway, I'll read on and check out all the options. You click on Party package, now this could be interesting! The first one you notice is the Ultimate Party Package, so you read the details.

"This sexy package is the finest in girl’s night entertainment, whether you’re planning a hen's night, birthday party stripper, bridal shower or just a need a hunk to entertain for a girl’s night. This package includes A Full Monty strip show followed by me hosting some ultra-funny, entertaining and possibly raunchy games! Guaranteed to be the most fun you've had in a long time! It can include a naked man and body chocolate! Minimum of 90 minutes duration $400."

So I don't even have to think about games now. This gets even better!

7. You read on and check out another party package option. Ultimate Host Package

"I’m yours for the night! This is the ultimate in hen’s party or birthday entertainment. Hire me to host your party for the duration – 8+ hours if you like! I entertain, serve and look after your guests, and can help organise party games too. I will be at your service and look after your every need. Have a sexy hunk at your command. $800"

Now this would be awesome. John there for as long as we like, putting on games, and helping out with anything and everything we need! What a party! That would definitely make for a good night and with 16 guests it will cost $50 each! If we went out, we would spend more than that on drinks alone!

8. You then pick up the phone and give John a call... Hen's party sorted! 

You can call John on 0435 577 641 with any questions - he looks forward to hearing from you.

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